The Bible and media

So I located a really neat website online:
On this website you can log in on a free account and read the Bible in many versions as well as see videos/media that relate to verses of the Bible. It is a community of contributions. After you sign up you are allowed to contribute videos, links, articles, or anything to help illustrate or drive home points made in the Bible….

Which leads to a great question: How do you feel about mixing Media and the Word of God? One extreme would be that the Bible is a double-edge sword that illustrates itself enough. The other side is that the Bible is old, dry, and hard to understand so it needs media to “modernize” it, if you will…

Personally, I believe that the Word of God is absolute truth and that media is not. Media such as videos can sometimes be helpful to further the points already in the Bible. I use them a lot to get students attention in my youth ministry messages, but I believe that the Bible is the Sword of our faith. What do you think?

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