Social Networks

Wow, social networking online is extremely popular right now. I think that over the past few years, the internet has really changed in content towards more rich social media and more forms of social networking. Gen X and Y love rich forms of media like videos, pictures, and HTML gadgets and tools that use Flash and Java and other IT devices and codes. Anyways the internet is changing so much an articles I recently read claims of a better way, and it is coming soon.

Today I want to share some neat Christian social networking sites. But first I want to expose to you an extensive list of social networking sites from Wikipedia. It is amazing how many there are out there. Yes, Facebook and Myspace are still number one and two here in the USA, but there some interesting genre-specific communities, as well as neat networks based in other countries – all online.

The most interesting fact is that this list, is not exhaustive. It does not even touch some of the really neat Christian social networks! Which is why I am posting today. I am going to provide to you some of the neat Christian networks, and my list is not exhaustive at all, these are a few of my favorites: – This is similar to Myspace. – Similar to Youtube. – Really cool if you are a youth minister.– Like Myspace, but better!– facebook for churches.
– I have not explored it yet.

I hope you find these helpful. I have been studying a lot about social networks, so do not be surprised if you see more posts about them.
I want to leave you with a funny video about Facebook.

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