personal music

Music is an amazing thing that God has given us. We all love it. It is something we use to express ourselves, to comfort us, to relax to, party with, and so many other occasions we have music playing in the background (while we are exercising, studying, reading, watching tv…)
We are bombarded by music, by choice.

One of my professors at OU said that “music improves the quality of our life.” I agree…to an extent. It can also destroy us if we are not careful.

We all live noisy lifestyles. And we live in a society of constant noise. If we do not take some time away from the busy, loud world then we are going to drain out of energy. We are slowly killing ourselves.

Are we losing the ability think clearly and properly? Are we drowning out important relationships with people and with God? Think in your life…has there been a time when something important happened but you missed it cause your Ipod was plugged in you ear, grabbing away your attention? Or has someone important in your life tried to tell you something but you could not hear what they were saying because of all the noise?

Instead of having typical, normal everyday interactions with normal everyday people, everyone has headphones one. They are more narcissistic. They are more alone in this world. All they have is their music and themselves. They lose important relationships, communication skills, and the ability to act/react normally.

I am suggesting that first we need to have a time every day with no noise, no screens – just you, God and a Bible. Second I am suggesting that we make time for important relationships in our lives. And third, I am challenging that we use every opportunity God gives us in our lives to listen to the Holy Spirit and glorify God. You never know what kinds of circumstances God will give you if you are willing to obey….they may though require that you turn off your Ipod. (Just a thought!)


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