7 things 2 learn in college

I read an article recently from TrueU.org it was about 7 things you should learn or will ahve a chance to learn about in college.

I agree. I did learn quickly how to get out of bed, since I showed up late for work once and almost got fired. Then I learned how to deal with stress when I had three exams in one day. I learned a lot about myself, who I am and what I believe, that is one reason why college was so fun. In life I think it is important to continue going through life asking hard questions and studying things that challenge thinking.

I struggled to learn:
How to use a credit card wisely. I am still learning, but have a bit more debt than I am proud to admit, fortunately I am not head under.
And I did not learn how to stay organized. I have my own system, which is not very organized, but it works for me. lol.

And I am always learning to say “No,” but it is not easy. It is all about priorities.

Unfortunately though college can do just the opposite if we are irresponsible, you will learn the hard way if you are not responsible, do not take care of yourself, and are too easily persuaded.

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