Core Training #2 – Bite Back

Bite Back campaign is mobilizing youth around the country to purchase mosquito nets to protect African children from malaria. Many people don’t know but malaria is killing more children in Africa than AIDS. Malaria is extremely preventable and not very expensive to remedy.

This campaign gives us all a social issue to fight for. It gives us hope. It gives us a chance to be responsible as God’s blessed children and share these blessings with others.

Bite Back is easy and anyone can do it. For just $10, you can provide a bed net to protect a child for about three years. But you are also paying for insecticide, and medications. That is a lot for just $10. I would encourage everyone to fight for this! You can make a donation today here. Or you can become an activist and spread the word about this campaign with the resources at this website.

To learn more about Malaria – here are a few more informative websites.

Here is a video from Youtube about Bite Back:

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