Thoughts on Expelled

I am not posting a comprehensive review of the movie. I know that my post of the movie will not be sufficient, compared to the dozens upon thousands of well-written posts on the movie. I do have some strong thoughts about the movie i do want to share:

First I thought that movie to be very thought provoking! It was put together very well.

The movie made me mad. Several occasions through-out the movie, I was ticked off and wanted to do something about it. I still do.

I do not know why the movie got such bad reviews. In my opinion that movie was not at all biased. Sure it was propaganda, and effective propaganda, but the movie did not start out biased and was not bluntly one-sided. Sure there is no way to prove that the people who were fired were fired for the reason of Intelligent Design (I.D.) solely. But the movie barely tipped the ice-burg mentioning just a few of the people have been affected becuase of an association with I.D. the movie started out.

What strikes me the hardest is the fact that this movie is more about Intellectual freedom than being about I.D. or Creationism. The irony is that all of the big wigs who were agianst the movie before they even knew what it was about, would have nothing to do with this movie. Other big wigs who do know about the movie, and maybe even seen the movie, continue the sick cycle of elitism. They are not allowing intellectual freedom. they are not allowing ideas of I.D. in Universities.

I.D. is NOT a water-down version of Creationism. I will post more about this later. But they are not the same at all. I.D. guys are not even religious for the most part. And most religious, (especially Christians,) people are Creationists. Most are NOT I.D. supporters. Many “fundamental” Christians do not even know what I.D. is all about. More about this later, I promise.

What makes me mad is that our Universities and education system is not allowing true free thought. It is not being intellectually wise or even politically correct. It is not truly scientific. If we are seeking truth and knowledge. We should have the freedom to study all aspects and all research all of the evidence, no matter what topic we are looking into. And if the evidence points to evolution, so be it. If it points to something else, then we should be able to look at that, with or without religion. In fact, religion should be a non-issue. Be willing to look at the evidence and let it guide you. If it leads you to I.d., then so be it. If it leads you to God in your personal life then, so be it. But I am upset that Universities are not open to the evidence and allowing studies on I.D. and the evidence that exists.
There is a way to look at the evidence without worrying about religion. Despite personal religous views we can all coloborate tpgether publically and civilly even if all of the scientist have different diverse religious views. Why can’t we study the evidence. Why can’t we have free thought? Why can’t we collaborate together and put religious beliefs aside?

Also I have a lot of thoughts on Darwinism and evolution….but I will post more about these topics later also. And remember that Dawkins is technically a proponent of I.D. too. (He said o himself and then later disclaimed it, but it still happened.)

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