Engage Culture!

“For an entire Christian community to neglect, generation after generation, serious attention to the mind, nature, society, the arts — all spheres created by God and sustained for his own glory — may be, in fact, sinful.”
In The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind, Church historian Mark Noll

I really love this quote. Sometimes as Christians we live in our own sub-culture. We are afraid of the world and do not engage in it. We hide ourselves from the enemy. Within our own group of Christian friends, we are not fully seeing God’s beauties. We are not fully enjoying God and his creations.

Society, arts, and nature in a secular world actually displays God’s greatness. And His heart for a lost world. We need to engage the culture as Christians. And by doing so we will be in their territory. We will have a chance to glorify god and show His love to the lost. We need not be in our own sheltered sub-cultures. But we need to be a part of our world and culture.

Yes, we need to do this, but we need to do it carefully too!
I recently read an article about how we should engage culture as evangelistic Christians. I caught myself as guilty of doing many of the things that it suggest us not to do.

The article suggest that we engage culture: 1) prayerfully, 2) carefully, 3) biblically-theologically, 4) redemptively, 5) humbly and 6) selectively.

It made me think. And thought I would share it with you.

In Christ,

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