Problem: ignorance

So after the past week you have seen posts agianst Darwinism, about Expelled (the movie), about academic freedom, and the differences between Creationism and Intelligent Design (ID). Constantly I remind you that I am a Creationist and not a proponent of ID.

Why am I supporting it or giving it a fair chance? Why do I care? I am fighting for academic freedom. I believe in knowing all sides of the issues. I believe they should teach the controversy. I believe that idea of religion should be pushed aside a little bit and the science should be taught in classrooms. What I mean by that is I believe that in a classroom a teacher can be politically correct and teach Creationism, ID and evolution (all three sides of the debate) without pushing one side over the other. It must be done. The controversy must be taught without bias. Forget about religious views and show what each group believes.

Today more and more students are coming out of schools ignorant. They are without knowledge and do not even know the difference between ID and Creationism. Students are coming out brainwashed in the ideas of evolution. People are afraid that if ID and/or Creation is taught in schools that their kids will come out brainwashed in those ideas….but they what they missing their own point, students are currently being brainwashed! We need science taught objectively and all angles need to be presented. Yeah it would be difficult for a teacher to do, but it MUST be done!

If students want to be religious that is fine. But in the classroom they should learn ALL sides. They can study and or be a part of the religion outside of class period, that is great. I want people to know that facts and know the truth. I think the truth will really set people free. I believe that when presented with ALL angles, ALL sides, that people will make their own choices. People will follow the evidence and find what really is Truth, but when only ONE side of the story is giving at school, students are ignorant. Society is ignorant.

All I am asking is that we should have the freedom in America to study ALL vantage points in schools.

Teaching the controversy [regarding evolution versus intelligent design] is good education,” Laursen says, adding that he is “not shocked” to see such groups as the American Civil Liberties Union “opposing academic freedom and promoting censorship.”

Ravi Zacharias said it well: “To the extent that you can make your opponent’s position look ridiculous, to that extent you probably do not understand it.”

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