Problem: ID -Sticky apologetics

Some Christians love to use Intelligent Design evidence to evangelize.

It is a sticky situation:
on one hand ID does a good job of showing flaws in Darwinism and evolution. Which can be helpful for Christian evangelists…

The problem is, and it’s a big one, for evolutionists is that there is very, very little evidence that backs evolutionary biology aside from survival of the fittest. Darwin himself said that for his theory to be valid, the fossil record must contain literally millions of transitional species. Where are these millions? Show them to me and I’ll believe.

The fact is, they aren’t there. They have not been found, despite the billions of other fossils we have in our museums across the globe. God and His Creation are enough. No evolution required.”

On the other hand it does nothing to prove the existence of Christian God
In fact true Christians should NOT be ID supporters.
because ID is not enough! you need more! If you really are a Christian and believe the Bible than you will know that ID does not cut it.

It is a little sketchy to be a Christian who supports ID.
You are giving the wrong ideas off about your personal faith
you are giving off the wrong ideas about ID
and you are giving off the wrong ideas about Christians in general

intelligent design only demonstrates that materialist atheism is not true. It does not provide a basis for the distinctive doctrines of Christianity.

Proof of the existence of God is central to Christian apologetics, and therefore a part of Christian evangelism. ID offers a proof of a designer, which certainly is evidence for the existence of God because I’d say that philosophically… logically… God makes the most sense for the identity of the designer).

But this is dangerous grounds to stand on. If you are a Christian, I suggest reading the Bible and basing your world view on it…Creationism.

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