Suburban Utopia?

Is suburbia really America’s favorite living community?

Because I hate it! I grew up in West Virginia, “mountain momma, take me home.” My neighbors were very few, and my family had a lot of land to do with as we pleased. We were responsible enough to take care of our land.

Today, now that we live in the “city,” we are surrounded by houses. None of the homes have
sufficient land. Sure we have neighbors, but that is good and bad.

There are researched problem associated with suburbia:
Everyone has a pet!
A lot of noise
A lot of traffic
A lot of kids running around busy streets
Lack of diversity
Easier access to drugs and substances
amount of electricity used to power homes
Nothing ECO-friendly or Green
Increase in violence
Increase in obesity

Articles: (advantages not very convincing)

Funny video:

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