mountain dew’s recent three

It is summer time which means pop companies use the hot days to experiment with new and unusual flavors:

The most recent (somewhat successful) one, that I recall (I might be behind in my times) is the Vanilla Dr Pepper Berries and Cream. I liked that, but have not seen anything since.

Mountain Dew has a history of summer time fun:
Code Red – was their extremely popular summer time drink, ever since Code Red they have continued production.

There is another Mountain Dew flavor I see go in and out of production, the orange flavored one, I can’t remember the name, I think it has to do with “wire”.

This summer Mountain Dew has kicked off a weird campaign:
At their website you can learn about their three summer flavors they have out right now.
I have tried all three:

Voltage – raspberry citrus and ginseng
Supernova – strawberry melon and ginseng
Revolution – wild berry and ginseng

A. they taste nothing like Mountain Dew, but they dew have the same outrageous amount of carbonation and caffeine.

B. My favorite is the Supernova.


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