Instant replay and baseball

So recently that has been a lot of talk about installing instant replay in baseball, the great American sport!

Are you kidding me? that is ridiculous! Baseball is already slow enough! If you add in instant replay then it will take longer. Instant replay will also be a negative because fans will take over the game….if you give the fans a chance to scrutinize every single call, the games will take days.

The reason NFL replay works is b/c the game is so fast, no one has time to complain about the small little mistakes that take place and are okay. The fans only want to see that one or maybe two plays per game that will make or break the game.

In baseball, the game is SO SLOW that fans will scrutinize and challenge/review/ replay EVERY single error, call, mistake. Was he safe? was that a strike? Is that REALLY a foul ball, how did the empire miss that call REPLAY! REPLAY! REPLAY!

It will be TOO MUCH. Don’t do it! You will lose average fans like me.

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