weird culture ideas

Has anyone heard of the site ? I am a member. It is a neat website. I am enjoying it so far. On this website, you can ask questions and answer them. It is awful like Yahoo answers, except this is a lot better for several reasons. Primarily because on Akatoo you can win prizes for answering questions and for inviting people to join. Also every time you answer a question, you are donating money to great causes. I have found that Akatoo is a more collegiate community than Y! answers.

Anyways for me, I have been able to practice “being ready” to share and defend my faith online through helping people on Akatoo by sharing Truth/ God’s Word in my answers. On this quest to share the Truth, I have ran into a lot of strange beliefs that people have about God, faith and life.

On this site I am learning a lot about people in general but specifically how strange and weird some world views, values, and beliefs that these “educated” folks have. For example, the belief in a higher power who hit the start button for evolution. The belief that Jesus did not exist AT ALL. Some people who actually think truth is relative….other random junk…

It has been fun posting and soundly like i am smart….I actually won an Ipod shuffle already and am going for a Nano next time.


One thought on “weird culture ideas

  1. James H says:

    I’ve seen you on akatoo before (I actually got here through your link on your profile). A bit of friendly advice: if you want to spread your word online, you’ve got to do it in the language that the people you’re talking to understand. By putting a Christian interpretation on questions that are complex to most of us, and treating that Christian interpretation as the only possible explanation, you risk alienating us, which is not your goal. I’m glad that akatoo’s given you the opportunity to take a look at some of the “weird ideas” that we hold because it gives you more power to spread what you believe, but you need to understand that we hold these ideas not because we’re stupid or because we’re deluded, but because we’ve seen a lot in our lives and thought about some really tough questions that don’t have easy answers for us. Maybe it’s a product of our upbringing, maybe it’s a product of being hurt in life, but the fact is it’s there.If you want to be effective, reach out to learn more about why we think the ways we do, what we find valid in them, and what you can find valid in them. Find out which ideas are still compatible with Christianity, and which aren’t, and by talking openly, with an open-mind, and frankly with us, you’ll be more likely to sway us. Telling us that your truth is the truth won’t convince us of its truthfulness.Good luck friend.

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