Freebie Friday: A Pic of Heaven

I am sure you have heard pastors or preachers talking about heaven…you get a picture of halos and clouds and harps circled around the throne of God where everything in heaven, is simply worshiping God forever …is ths the correct picture of hat Heaven will be like?… No WAY!

It will be more like a rebirth. It will be back on the new earth, but this time as God intended it.
It will be perfect and mind blowing.

This is the stuff that should motivate us to share our faith!
This is the truth that should set our thinking correctly.
We need to realize that our fallen sinful bodies are not permanent, the God has new bodies waiting for us in new Kingdom in Heaven.

Recommended readings:

Heaven – Randy Alcorn
Living With Questions – Dale Fincher

One thought on “Freebie Friday: A Pic of Heaven

  1. I’m in full agreement that we often miss the point of what God’s redemption means… that the New Earth will be our home! I can’t wait!Thanks for recommending my book, Living with Questions (for those who pick up the book, it’s the last chapter with many important and fun chapters leading up to it). In apologetics, there are few of us giving this answer to this important question.Thanks for posting this up!~dale

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