Science and Truth: How Truth Works

Truth holds everything together.
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Theology and Science are related and go hand in hand with each other, because they are both founded on truth, they are not opposites. Liberal and postmoderns who want to keep these things separated are not thinking straight. They are failing to understand how truth works. The reality is that these things can never be liberated from each other without ruining both institutions.
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Becuase if you separate any of the physical sciences or theology (the religious science) away from truth then they will fall apart. They will no longer have their foundation. Nothing will make any sense.

God is a necessary element in order to show have all sciences (physical, metaphysical, social sciences, religious theology, or historical sciences- all of them!) and truth work.

Theology (the study of God) in really should be the mother to all other sciences. Becuase the more we understand God and how He created and set truth into motion, we see how all the other things work. Truth sets us free.

For all of those angrily thinking, “Don’t put your religion and your God in science. All we need is science with an agenda!”

You make a great point, think a little a bit about what you are saying, the reality is that true science always does have (and has had) an agenda.

The only instance where there is science without an agenda is scientism….but
(A.) You are not going to find a true scientism believer because they are rare and it is not really rational. True scientism has been well-refuted recently.
Even Skeptic Dictionary says, “scientism is either false or meaningless.”
(B.) people get into true scientism for their own agenda!

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