to be young again…

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In the suburban area, that I live in there are a lot of young children. My next door neighbors have 6 (or maybe 7 – idk) kids. 5 of the 7 are under the age of six! They are a large family, and are always doing something fun together. I imagined how fun it would be to be one of the five kids. You would always have a friend, yet you would always have an enemy. You would always have someone to play games with, to fight with, to talk with…that would be cool.(and yeah, it always looks like an episode of rugrats!)

I remembered back to my days as a child. I remembered being real young. During the summers, my step-brother and step sister would make a long-term visit to my parent’s home. Together there were 5 of us siblings. And at one point all of us siblings were all under the age of six. So we too had times and days were we would all do something fun together, run around, swim in the pool, play soccer together. Those were the days!

Being so young, naive, and innocent. We had absolutely no other cares in the world. We would simply play outside together and have fun. We were not weighted down by the tragedies of life.
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We did not really know about hardships, death, or even stress. Those were some good times. I think back and sometimes wish I could be that way again today.

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