Evangelical Manifesto

As you might have already noticed my blog has a lot content delay. In other words, my blog will not respond to real life events immediately after they take place. For example My summary and review of the movie Expelled was not shared until long after the movie was no longer playing in theaters. Another instance is this post, a summary of the Evangelical Manifesto.

It has been months since it was released! This problem I have is that I only post once a day sometimes two, although I have several ideas for content I save for later dates and continue to post only once a day. Maybe I should post more often! But I like having content and ideas and I like having one post everyday so that readers are never over-whelmed but they are also never without content for more than 24 hours, except on weekends.

Evangelical Manifesto

I had no reservations about the ideas and principles that the document was talking about. I agreed with just about everything the authors said. It was a well-written document and I found nothing to argue about.

The deal with James Dobson surprised me. At first I wanted to say, “give me a break.” But Dobson has every right to say and do what he wishes. It is hard to incorporate a document that is going to have everyone in agreement. Dobson does bring up an interesting point, that no other African Americans are or were involved with the document. But instead of being offended he could have been more revolutionary and been the first of many otter African Americans to sign the document.

To briefly summarize what the document was about:
The Evangelical Manifesto is a document signed by many of the leaders of the Christian Evangelical movement and apologists declaring of who Evangelicals are and what they stand for.
Recently the secular media and America as a whole has lost sight of what exactly it means to be an Evangelical. There has been some confusion and misrepresentation of Evangelical Christianity. The document lays out ground works of what it truly means to be Evangelical. It runs through the history of Evangelicalism and then confronts contemporary issues that the church needs to deal with and is currently facing.

“For those who are Evangelicals, the deepest purpose of the Manifesto is a serious call to reform—an urgent challenge to reaffirm Evangelical identity, to reform Evangelical behavior, to reposition Evangelicals in public life, and so rededicate ourselves to the high calling of being Evangelical followers of Jesus Christ. “

As I previously mentioned, I completely agree with everything on this document. I signed the document and have been imaging how I can help. Some Christian groups have pushed politics too far. I hope to see Christians living out Jesus, and not living out politics.


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