I wish to work my way out of a job

In a perfect world, there would be no need for a “youth minister.”
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Can you imagine the power of an effective godly family?
Picture mom and dad sharing the Word of God with the kids after the dinner meal around the dinner table everyday.
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Good Biblical training and teaching starts at home not the youth minister’s office or youth room at the church.
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My job as a youth minister is not just about helping and leading students to Christ, but when possible, I help parents train their students. I give parents resource to help them. I spend time with the old guys too.

Parents sometimes rely on youth ministry too much. Just dropping off the kids and then leave. It is sad, but it is where our culture is at today. I pray that parents stay for church too.

I pray that youth ministry could rely on parents, not the other way around. I pray for godly parenting. Here are some great parenting links:


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