Me and Musical Instruments

Got a mandolin in the middle of May… and started playing it it the day I got it. It is a cheapo mandolin but so awesome.
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My previous musical experience really helped me play the mandolin. I started learning the bass guitar when I was a sophomore in High School. then in college as a sophomore I learned guitar. Now that I ma a first year Master’s student I am learning mandolin. I honestly never planned it all out like that, but it is fun.
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So far the transition to mandolin is a piece of cake, all my fingers are used to being moved all around and such. The chords are totally different but it makes logic sense because the tuning of the strings is backwards.

The hardest transition, so far, was from bass to guitar. That is going from one note at a time to a full chord.

Three instruments that I am interested in learning possibly in the future are violin/fiddle, cello, and banjo.
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My mom is learning violin. It is not anything like the other strings. I am not sure how I feel about the whole bow thing.

But my friend has a banjo – there are a lot of wicked strumming patterns on that thing that I’m not used to, but it is cool.

Idk…I might try my hand at drums. I am not too bad at it.

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