I blame Mario Kart….jk lol

So many Gen Yers and younger have ADD.
Our attention spans are shot! We grew up with an electronic baby setter…the television.Go to fullsize image
At that time our parents did not know they were creating little monsters who would have NO attention spans. It was still relatively new (the TVs).
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Then, we grew addicted to the screen…next came some amazing classic video games where the screen had a lot of action every millisecond keeping our attention….(you know what I am talking about OLD SCHOOL Nintendo consoles!)

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Then we grew into the “age of maturity,” we got our own screens of attention, laptops…and we watched the drama unfold every five minuets (or less) on the AIM statuses and now the Facebook notifications!!!! (lol)
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My favorite era was the era of the Mario Kart! Good stuff!
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One thought on “I blame Mario Kart….jk lol

  1. Now it’s going mobile, with apps like AIM and Twitter on cell phones. With mobile technology exploding like it is, the addiction will only be more pervasive.

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