Classical Tolerance v Post modern Tolerance

Tolerance (definition version):
The capacity for or the practice of recognizing and respecting the beliefs or practices of others.

It is about respect.

Traditional definition: “The word ‘tolerance’ simply means ‘sympathy or indulgence for beliefs or practices differing from or conflicting with one’s own.’ By definition, to tolerate someone implies that you do not agree with his views, You’re simply willing to indulge them.”

It is not about agreeing, but recognizing.

Another way of saying it is “bearing or putting up with someone or something not especially liked”.

However, today in the post modern culture, the word has been redefined to ‘all values, all beliefs, all lifestyles, all truth claims are equal.’ Once, tolerance was defined as recognizing and respecting others’ beliefs and practices even without sharing them. Tolerance would often necessarily entail enduring, or putting up with, someone or something not especially liked.

But today’s definition of tolerance is very different. Now, a “tolerant” person views all values, beliefs, lifestyles, and truth claims as equal. This language shift is eloquently described in Josh McDowell and Bob Hostetler’s 1998 book, The New Tolerance.

Where this new tolerance reigns, there can be no hierarchy of truth, and no standard by which to discern between competing truth claims. Every man’s position must be praised and considered equally valid. This is because the new tolerance considers all truth claims to be mere opinions–not absolutes that are true across time and cultures, but culturally created and culturally conditioned ideas.

By this new standard, any system of belief which claims to be transcendent and absolute–making truth claims that are not qualified as relative according to time, place, and person–is considered to be “intolerant.” In a society which scorns absolutes and denies the existence of any natural law written on the heart, or any intrinsic human nature, there can be only one universal virtue–tolerance–and that virtue must be enforced with almost religious fervor.

We are creatures of habit

I am learning that more and more everyday!
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I live efficient with structure. I like some structure. i like to be productive and efficient.
I have lived very free and spontaneous the past few months but now I am ready to come back to structure. I miss it.
Even as a college student, I lived a life of habit. I had a calendar and worked for so many hours, class so many hours, and extra circular activities, as well as organization, and then I FOUND time during my free time for anything else that was IMPORTANT.
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When I do not have a lot of structure in my life, or I have too much free time I do not need to find time, I need to waste it. And I have wasted a lot of time recently. I have not really done the things that are important to me. I just do “whatever.” Maybe I am not very well-discipled when given a lot of freedom. But I assure you when I am under a time line, deadline, pressure… I make time for what is important. I am well-discipled when I am given structure.
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Does anyone else feel the same way?
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Yard Sales every weekend…

Dominion subdivision in Northern Lancaster, Oh – where I live there is almost always a ton of weekend yard sales when the weather is decent or better. Here are some pics just from today’s sales:

Everyone has got junk…my conspiracy is that the junk stays in the same neighborhood but keeps getting shuffled from house to house, yard sale to yard sale….

Me and Musical Instruments

Got a mandolin in the middle of May… and started playing it it the day I got it. It is a cheapo mandolin but so awesome.
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My previous musical experience really helped me play the mandolin. I started learning the bass guitar when I was a sophomore in High School. then in college as a sophomore I learned guitar. Now that I ma a first year Master’s student I am learning mandolin. I honestly never planned it all out like that, but it is fun.
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So far the transition to mandolin is a piece of cake, all my fingers are used to being moved all around and such. The chords are totally different but it makes logic sense because the tuning of the strings is backwards.

The hardest transition, so far, was from bass to guitar. That is going from one note at a time to a full chord.

Three instruments that I am interested in learning possibly in the future are violin/fiddle, cello, and banjo.
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My mom is learning violin. It is not anything like the other strings. I am not sure how I feel about the whole bow thing.

But my friend has a banjo – there are a lot of wicked strumming patterns on that thing that I’m not used to, but it is cool.

Idk…I might try my hand at drums. I am not too bad at it.

Lost Dreamer

I let my walls down

I left my high towers

I was ready for something new
I was interested in you

I left my kingdom

I came looking for you

I thought you might have room for me in your kingdom

So I began knocking gate of your kingdom

But your walls were still high and mighty

And I had no clue

I artificially gave you a room in my kingdom

But you were not there

You were still in your kingdom

You were still in your high towers

You were looking at my from a distance

With binoculars

You would not let your walls down

You would not come to me

What are Evangelicals to do?

Evangelicals are not going for the Democratic agenda. (especially not the more liberal agenda of Obama.) And Evangelicals have reservations about McCain too.
Who are Evangelicals going to vote for?
I remember everyone was saying four years ago they were voting Bush as the lesser of two evils.
That is interesting. Now the same people are wondering if Kerry was the lesser evil, while others wonder how much more evil Kerry would have been…
Well, in the end it comes down to our two-party system. At least that is what I think. The two parties leave a difficult dilemma for any individual (evangelical or not). Most people are not one-platform believers. What I mean is that hardly anyone agrees with every single aspect of one particular party. A two party system does not really represent everyone. I know people like to vote on a couple of really important issues, but think about that a minuet. How smart is that really? We are picking a President all aspects of what he believes is important and can change our society not just the social issues!
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(random but funny pics sorry they have little to do w post)
I understand that changing the party system is practically impossible. So am not leaving much of a solution, but just thinking out loud. What might change everything for this year’ election would be the VP selection. McCain and Huckabee ticket anyone?

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