The hypocritical Christian

This is post 3 of 6. This post series is based on chapter 8 of the book called UnChristian. Today’s post is the last of the bad news. The snowball effect from the first two posts continues to worsen here.

Okay, Christians come across as Judgmental. We are convinced that we are right. We know that sin is bad. We like to be prideful about our lifestyle.

We are seeing though that we can come across as self-righteous, as prideful. We are seeing that our judging outsiders is just as sinful as the action of those outsiders (that we were judging.)

This is humbling. This is hard to swallow, but this it the truth, it hurts. We need to change!

But here is probably the harshest news yet…it all builds on what was said in the past posts….WE tolerate our own pride! The church has accepted and has done little to excuse our arrogance. It is the sin the church is okay with,has not dealt with, has forgottewn about, has swept under the rug, and let it go by quietly.

This has been a huge problem…think about it: a community of big headed people who are very proud of themselves…they are active in Bible thumping. They are encouraged to point out sin and honor themselves as morally upright. This community is NOT THE church I WANT to be a part of!

This picture scares me…but there is truth in it. 😦

So hear is some application:

Key concept: The opposite of sin is not virtue, but grace. (and love.)
God tells us not to judge but to reach out with grace and love.

Key word: Respect

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