is it out of context?

An excerpt from “Hermeneutics for Missionary Preaching,” which will make a chapter of historical case study in Kim, Dae Ryeong‘s Ph.D. dissertation, “Toward A Missiological Approach to Hermeneutics for Gospel Proclamation in a Post-modern World.”

Don M. Wagner observes the abuse of theological method of Bible interpretation, especially in using Scripture fragments out of context. Therefore, he suggests the Compbell Morgan’s expository method as a solution to address the issue. His expository method is, if we summarize in a word, ‘interpretation in the context’—the synthesis of biblical text into its historical and literacy context. “The essential characteristic of the Morgan method is” he states, “the application of the context principle of Bible Study.” Each verse of Scripture cut out of its setting must first be understood in relation to what immediately precedes and follows, before one can properly evaluate its relation to theological subject (1957:93, 114). This principle of Bible exposition is exactly what Spurgeon also supports when he remarks: “We cannot expect to deliver much of the teachings of the Holy Scripture by picking out verse by verse, and holding these up at random. The process resembles too closely that of showing a house by exhibiting separate bricks” (Pattison 1902:84). “

Morgan makes a great point!
How often do we see this! -Scripture ripped out of context! And how it bothers me!

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