Thoughts on God’s sovereignty

In “The Miracle” post
I shared how in nature things follow laws that we expect to come true all the time
but we as Christians understand that all of science is controlled by God, an intelligent being.
I told a story about how an intelligent person, me, always gets my coffee a certain way. My friend verified that I “ALWAYS” (in his own words)get dark coffee. One day I choose to change it up and I order a latte. My friend Tom is really excite, because he loves lattes and he never expected me to order a latte. It was a miracle for Tom.
I wanted to relate this concept to God’s Sovereignty.

While God is in control of all things and God, he being an intelligent being chooses to allow human being to have some power, some persuasion, some choice at certain times in history.

If you recall Pharaoh hardened his heart, Nebuchadnezzar choose not to obey, Moses “changed God’s mind,” Jeremiah prayed and God listened!

I know this is sketchy ground and my argument is very underdeveloped. I am merely blogging ideas as they come.

I have always thought that in the argument between free will/Arminius and Sovereignty/Calvinism that both sides have something correct, but both sides are lacking. When you think about a middle ground, have a healthy perspective, things start to connect. Maybe I am wrong, but I think this analogy helps. what do you think?

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