illustration / random thought

In our culture in the movies, tv or where ever, a person who is “rough” around the edges is sometimes portrayed as a hero, as a attractive (whether the character is a good guy or bad guy).

The trait of being “rough” is not thought to be so bad. We can all relate to it. No one is perfect we all have rough areas in our personality that we are working on. We want to know that other people are like us. In fact it makes us feel better to know someone else is worse off, in some cases…and in other cases a person who is so “rough,” is a hero of sorts to someone who has lived a “sheltered” lifestyle (at least in some cases.)

A thought I had though is that no one really likes a person who always play the “rough” personality card. No matter what happens these people come across as ‘jerks’ (to use polite language). Later they might come up to you and say they are “working on it.” But the truth is they do not struggle with “rough patches”…their entire being is one sharp edge.

No one likes being poked by a sharp edge. It hurts.

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