why people get so sad about being single

I don’t get it…

If they truly believe that there is ONE person out there for them why do they think it has to be EVERY SINGLE GIRL they run into, every girl they have a crush on, or every girl in the city they live in?

they get upset about every girl that does not like them, every single girl that just wants to be friends every single girl that passed them up…

Why are they so stressed out? Why are they so when there are so many fish in the sea?

That is just crazy talk. First off because it is not about dating every girl or wearing your heart on your sleeve over every girl. Do be so desperate.

Second it is about finding the right person for you, not a popularity contest. Not about always having someone to date. Not about dating for the heck of it.

It is about finding your soul mate. Relax. this will be an adventure. This will take some time. The first girl you pluck out of the crowd is probably not going to be the answer. It might….but why have such high hopes.

Maybe it is just me. I like myself. I am unique and special. I am a not the type of person every woman/girl is going to even want to date. That is cool. I do not want to date every single girl either. I am holding out for some one who fits with me.

I am a specialty item. Novelty, per say. I am proud of it too.
Why cry about that? That is good stuff.


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