Paul is the main contributor in the New Testament of our understanding of the Law. After a close look at Paul’s writing, it is clear that there is no contradiction in His understanding of the Law. While there are some differences in how Paul explains the Law to the Church of Galatia and the Church of Rome, there are no contradictions. Much of the confusion is cleared up when the context and background of the letters are examined. Paul writes each letter with a separate occasion and purpose.

Paul makes it clear that righteousness does not come through the Law. Christ Jesus put an end to that. The Law is still important and good, but it is no longer used for man to establish his own righteousness. This is because it is impossible for man to obey the Law completely. Righteousness only comes through faith in Christ Jesus. Paul’s Gospel is centered on Christ Jesus as the Savior and Redeemer. Paul knew the Law quite well and yet, he concludes that Jesus is the answer. Through Jesus (His death and resurrection) and in grace, God has given us the gift of salvation. Not through the Law.

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