The word "Christian."

“It is used these days in a very loose sense by a great many people. Some people mean no more by it than a person who attempts to live a good life. In that sense I suppose there would be Christians of all sects and creeds; but I do not think that is the proper sense of the word, if only because it would imply that all the people who are not Christians — all the Buddhists, Confucians, Mohammedans, and so on — are not trying to live a good life.

I do not mean by a Christian any person who tries to live decently according to his lights. I think you must have a certain amount of definite belief before you have a right to call yourself a Christian. The word does not have quite such a full-blooded meaning now as it had in the times of St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas. In those days, if a man said that he was a Christian, it was known what he meant. You accepted a whole collection of creeds which were set out with great precision, and every single syllable of those creeds you believed with the whole strength of your convictions.”

This is a quote from “Why I am Not a Christian” by Bertrand Russell written in 1927.

Wow, in 1927! Today these words ring even more true!

People in general, (Christians included) do not know what it means to be a Christian. The word does not have the same strength or meaning it used to! There is a lack of understanding of the basic orthodox doctrines of Christianity. In 2009, our culture is even more relativistic and post-modern than it was in 1927.

One thought on “The word "Christian."

  1. Agree. So many claim themselves to be “Christian” when they really aren't, and now the word has totally lost its meaning. Anyway, since we're on this subject, I just wanted to share with you that “Christians”, when it just originated, meant “little Christs”. How much meaning in those words… ❤

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