habits for death

Habits I keep despite the fact I know that they are killing me:

Fast food – 2 0r 3 (sometimes more) times a week

Lack of exercise – I am busy with school and work but there is no excuse for all the time online, say Facebook, I could be using to exercise

Sleeping in – Sometimes it is necessary sleep that just happens to coincide with a weird work schedule but other times I don’t sleep enough and leads to too much sleep other times.

Not keeping my room organized/clean enough

Unnecessary arguments with my brother for the fun of it


Sunday Forum: Hooked on Facebook

Imagine a drug that made American teenagers think and talk more about the timeless concerns of adolescence: who’s cool, who’s cute and who’s going out with whom. Then imagine that millions of teens were taking this drug, every day.

The NFL continues the re-writing of the rule book – Shutdown Corner – NFL – Yahoo! Sports
The NFL continues the re-writing of the rule book Related: Bernard Pollard, Tom Brady, NFL League Issues

Facebook Caves, Tweaks Redesign I was surprised that Facebook listened. I do not care though. I do not mind the new design too much.

Money-troubled post office turning to Congress

The post office is facing a severe financial crisis that will not ease any time soon, Postmaster General John Potter told a House subcommittee Wednesday.

Obama Sides With RIAA, Supports $150,000 Fine per Music Track | Threat Level from Wired
boo obama boo

Spheres of Influence – Natural Relationship

To break out of the Christian Bubble, what relationships do you already have?
If you only have Christian friends then what is your sphere of influence?

Parchment and Pen » The Coming Evangelical Collapse?

I have for years believed that American Evangelicalism (not Christianity) was skating on thin ice, spiritually and intellectually. As a movement we (not all of us individually) have suffered from a host …

1995 PAUS AKD500 Off-Highway Truck For Sale

a big truck named after me, “akd500” – that is my username on a lot of the www sites! Paus picks some awesome names!

Oops: Colbert wins NASA space station name contest

NASA’s online contest to name a new room at the international space station went awry. Comedian Stephen Colbert won.
This is awesome! I voted for Him…but unfortunately NASA is wimping out and notice the disclaimer, they apparently do not like the name “Colbert.”

15 Most Brilliant Simpsons Quotes

This is kinda cool but most of the really funny ones are not voted into the top 15 so I recommend clicking on the other pages before voting!

Parchment and Pen » A Revolutionary Way to Manage Your Debt
Funny video worth watching!


Making mistakes is a normal thing for man to do, as we are “all human” and NOT perfect.
Those who know me, know that I am NO perfectionists!
I am wondering if I am turning into one…

At work I get really upset with myself when I mess up.
It bothers me not because I think I am super great or think I should have gotten it right the first time (sometimes I SHOULD have gotten it right the first time though…)

It is perspectives. Now that I work at a secular workplace, I want to give off the right ethic, attitude, perception and witness. If I go around messing up all the time people will thing I am lazy, terrible person, that I do not care, slacker, jerk, an idiot, a failure, a disappointment, …you get the picture…

I do not want to come across as any of those. I want to come across as a hard-worker, nice, acceptable man, who pays attention to details and does not cut corners….

Not for my own personal gain, but for the Kingdom of God. When I am working hard and doing things right people will “see the difference,” want to know what it is (Jesus – not me), I want to build on relationships and my attitude and ethic.

When perception is good then people will want to approach me and hear what I have t say about my faith. When the perspective is bad then people d not even want t be my friend far less know my story of Christ.

So no I do not want to be a perfectionists, just strive to do m best for Christ. Strive to work hard and do a good jb t serve others and serve Christ at work.


Explain THAT to your insurance company – That was funny

I really loved these. Some of them make you wonder if the driver was on drugs…, or maybe even the vehicle itself!

FOXNews.com – Bill Would Allow Texas School to Grant Master’s Degree in Science for Creationism

Bill Would Allow Texas School to Grant Master’s Degree in Science for Creationism, A state legislator is waging a war of biblical proportions against the science and education communities in Texas …exciting…

Barna Survey Examines Changes in Worldview Among Christians over the Past 13 Years

The Barna Group

When it comes to drinking, college men not looking for a ‘girl gone wild’

College women may be drinking to excess to impress their male counterparts on campuses across the country, but a new study suggests most college men are not looking for a woman to match them drink for drink.

Pelosi – Enforcing American Laws is Un-American | Clipmarks

This woman seems to believe that giving the country away to illegals is a full-time job.

Sheep In LED Clothing – at Kontraband UK

As well as being tasty morsels when they’re young and a comforting place for lonely men to rest their weary boners, you can also use sheep to play video games, and even, paint a portrait in sheep’s clothing! Un-baa-lievable! [promoted content]

This is interesting…

Baby boomlet: US births in 2007 break 1950s record – Yahoo! News

More babies were born in the United States in 2007 than any year in the nation’s history, topping the peak during the baby boom 50 years earlier, federal researchers reported Wednesday.
America is having babies!

3. The New Calvinism – 10 Ideas Changing the World Right Now – TIME

If you really want to follow the development of conservative Christianity, track its musical hits. In the early 1900s you might have heard “The Old Rugged Cross,” a celebration of the atonement.
Calvinism is back!

Teach Truth in love

My pastor and I were having a conversation about teaching. It is great to teach truth from the Bible, that is essential, but if you teach truth without love, without agonizing in love with and for the flock then your teaching breaches legalism. We must teach in love. We must not teach love only without the Bible and truth, that leads to liberalism. (And a bunch of other way off base cults, post-modern relativism, etc…)

There is a balance. You must teach truth, but we must teach with love.

It got me thinking, I am passionate about truth and the Word of God, I love God, but am I being legalistic? Am I agonizing over my learners and students? I love my church and my students but am I putting the two together? Am I agonizing for my students? Am I teaching them only because it is truth and it is right? Or am I teaching them because I love them and know that this truth is what is best for them?

A lot of great stuff to ponder today


This week was my “Spring Break,” I took a class that still had me do some work this week though.
Anyways, next week starts 2 more classes so I will be doing three classes online and I am used to only doing 1 or 2, it will be a lot of work!

Anyways, this week I’ve been reading lot of religious articles:

Most religious groups in USA have lost ground, survey finds.
This is the most secular culture of America ever. Most humanistic, relativistic, and post-modern.

var articleheadline = “Belief and the brain’s ‘God spot'”;

Belief and the brain’s ‘God spot’

This one is an interesting one. One one hand no man is without excuse, but on the other hand, no one is righteous, not one.

One World, Under God

This is true!

God Will Provide — Unless the Government Gets There First

It is sad but true, the Government is America’s “Savior” in a lot of ways.

More Americans say they have no religion

But I have read non-religious articles as well:

Ultra-High-Power Lithium-Ion Batteries – future batteries could charge in ten seconds

Slight Cut in Salt Intake Would Mean Fewer Heart Attacks, Deaths

I need to tell my step-dad this! He eats way too much salt on everything!

NBC Stars Whimper About Jon Stewart’s Skewering of CNBC

This is a funny website, but the discussion continued as Cramer joined Stewart on the Daily Show last night. Go to comedycentral.com and see the full interview. i give Stewart props on this one.

Wolfram Alpha Computes Answers To Factual Questions. This Is Going To Be Big.
This should be intriguing, if it is not very accurate it will still be very funny to see the wrong answers this website may or may not produce.

one of the toughest things about the state of discipleship in America right now:


Discipleship is a process, it takes time. It is not meant to be transformation quickly. (2 years, 40 days, 12 weeks, etc)

Our Spiritual formation and relationship with God is on-going and matures slowly. We are to be investing our lives into learning more about God.

Churches that are becoming more effective in discipleship have 2 or 3 year processes of learning the general worldview of Christianity, they also encourage and hold other classes for more mature Christians who want more training…(which all this is fine and great)

On one hand, it is difficult to but all of the Christian worldview in a 2 or 3 year program.
On the other hand, American Christians today need some sort of structure:

because we (as Christians) are losing out in discipleship and in spiritual formation and our Christian worldview. Americans have prioritized everything else in conquering their American dreams and have lost their worldview. They have lost their faith to secular world.

So I am encouraging these two-year processes but I am also saying that is not the end! Do not stop when the program is over because our faith is a process. It is a relationship of maturity. We continue learning more and more about God and being transformed more and more every day.

But even these “weak” and shallow structured programs are not enough. Because Christians will not make time for them The problem is no the program, this is a starting block.

The problem is in priorities. Christians say they have a time problem, but I beg to differ. They have a love problem and are not making time for their first love. 😦

Macro-evolutionits will…

1. claim that there are millions of transitional forms

2. admit there are absolutely no transitional fossils available for proof

3. discover that evidence concurs, there really are not any transitional fossils

4. say that this “evolution” happens so slowly that we will never see it…(this makes some of them feel better)

5. others claim that billions of years have past

6. and yet still they cannot find the transitional fossils from say, the last million years…(realizing this they…)

a. some will say erosion…sure erosion is a decent excuse, but they also say evolution is always happening so eventually one should find a no-eroded fossil or perhaps a living creature whom is in the process of “evolution”

b. others dis-claim everything they have already claimed and place all their emphasis on punctuated evolution…but to do this one must discredit everything they just learned (with something else that has no evidence)….