If evolution were true than Jesus would be impossible:

1. Randomness and chaos of evolution would not allow for one person to fulfill so many prophecies….it is is impossible for Jesus to be such a coincidence, it had to be planned by a God!
2. Jesus’ sinlessness – the moral issue would be irrelevant.

I was thinking of some other things but I forget now…

2 thoughts on “If evolution were true than Jesus would be impossible:

  1. Anonymous says:

    i doubt that. no matter how god is defined there is noneless something that created us. sometimes i wounder if it be better if god was not defined as he is in the bible with human emotions and powers. for people to go wild would be for christians to be in chaos. that would be silly. there are so many people now who are atheist and believe in evolution and we came from some sort of chimp since are DNA is very accurate with them. hey im no scientist. we will always have violence. nature is violent to us not a blessing lol. just a part of life wed have to live with. might even ease people such as myself.i can see where you are coming from though many think this but if it were true it would of happen among the 1.1 billion atheist. they have less crime rate and less devorces(though doesnt that explain itsself?) lol. so yeah. buddhist are calm with no outter space being or what not. maybe we will adabt there beliefs to keep ourselves at ease like they have done themselves. just a thaught i had =3.Peace be with.

  2. HI AnonymousThere are some interesting thing in there. I am not sure how to respond to all of it but here are a few thoughts:Nature is violent. Sure. God create nature to be violent for one thing. Anther thing is you are confusing “natural evils” with “moral evils.”Christ lived a perfect, sinless life free of all evil.How I view God might be something worth addressing. No matter if you are atheistic evolutionist you do believe that something was uncreated. Something started everything else. I believe God created all things. Others might say it was a big bang or a single atom…nonetheless there is something uncreated, something that started everything else. Something created something. Most people would agree that nothing can create only nothing. But rather something started everything else.About God coming to earth: Jesus. First let me clarify…Jesus is a person of God. Jesus was 100% man and 100% God. The emotions and all these human traits were there but yet Jesus still lived perfect life. And God, the Father was still in heaven controlling things. I am not sure what you mean about “for people to go wild would be for christians to be in chaos. that would be silly.”Yes, God created us to be moral beings, so even atheists try to be morally “good.” The thing about atheism is that they have no reason for these “morals” in their belief system. I admit that Christians lately have been morally “bad” and have set a bad example recently, but this is disobedience to God, even among Christians.

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