Sunday Forum: Hooked on Facebook

Imagine a drug that made American teenagers think and talk more about the timeless concerns of adolescence: who’s cool, who’s cute and who’s going out with whom. Then imagine that millions of teens were taking this drug, every day.

The NFL continues the re-writing of the rule book – Shutdown Corner – NFL – Yahoo! Sports
The NFL continues the re-writing of the rule book Related: Bernard Pollard, Tom Brady, NFL League Issues

Facebook Caves, Tweaks Redesign I was surprised that Facebook listened. I do not care though. I do not mind the new design too much.

Money-troubled post office turning to Congress

The post office is facing a severe financial crisis that will not ease any time soon, Postmaster General John Potter told a House subcommittee Wednesday.

Obama Sides With RIAA, Supports $150,000 Fine per Music Track | Threat Level from Wired
boo obama boo

Spheres of Influence – Natural Relationship

To break out of the Christian Bubble, what relationships do you already have?
If you only have Christian friends then what is your sphere of influence?

Parchment and Pen » The Coming Evangelical Collapse?

I have for years believed that American Evangelicalism (not Christianity) was skating on thin ice, spiritually and intellectually. As a movement we (not all of us individually) have suffered from a host …

1995 PAUS AKD500 Off-Highway Truck For Sale

a big truck named after me, “akd500” – that is my username on a lot of the www sites! Paus picks some awesome names!

Oops: Colbert wins NASA space station name contest

NASA’s online contest to name a new room at the international space station went awry. Comedian Stephen Colbert won.
This is awesome! I voted for Him…but unfortunately NASA is wimping out and notice the disclaimer, they apparently do not like the name “Colbert.”

15 Most Brilliant Simpsons Quotes

This is kinda cool but most of the really funny ones are not voted into the top 15 so I recommend clicking on the other pages before voting!

Parchment and Pen » A Revolutionary Way to Manage Your Debt
Funny video worth watching!

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