Making mistakes is a normal thing for man to do, as we are “all human” and NOT perfect.
Those who know me, know that I am NO perfectionists!
I am wondering if I am turning into one…

At work I get really upset with myself when I mess up.
It bothers me not because I think I am super great or think I should have gotten it right the first time (sometimes I SHOULD have gotten it right the first time though…)

It is perspectives. Now that I work at a secular workplace, I want to give off the right ethic, attitude, perception and witness. If I go around messing up all the time people will thing I am lazy, terrible person, that I do not care, slacker, jerk, an idiot, a failure, a disappointment, …you get the picture…

I do not want to come across as any of those. I want to come across as a hard-worker, nice, acceptable man, who pays attention to details and does not cut corners….

Not for my own personal gain, but for the Kingdom of God. When I am working hard and doing things right people will “see the difference,” want to know what it is (Jesus – not me), I want to build on relationships and my attitude and ethic.

When perception is good then people will want to approach me and hear what I have t say about my faith. When the perspective is bad then people d not even want t be my friend far less know my story of Christ.

So no I do not want to be a perfectionists, just strive to do m best for Christ. Strive to work hard and do a good jb t serve others and serve Christ at work.

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