Many paths in life

At work I have been developing new relationships with people who are about the same age as me.
I have been learning that there are a lot of paths people take and lots of decisions people make from age 18 to 25.
Not everyone had the same goals and plans in life as I did obviously. I went to college right after high school and a lot of my friends did too. But there were a lot of other options. I feel like I did not even really consider any of the other options. I wanted to go to College and my parents wanted me to also.
One friend started working full-time immediately after high school.
Another got married.
Some people choose to take a break and just relax for a year.
Others worked two part time jobs.
While many got BAs, like myself, others got Associate degrees, double major degrees, and other specialized/advanced degrees
Some people went to trade school
There are many circumstances and different places where people are coming from.
It is really interesting to think about the life paths I did not take or even consider. I love learning about people, what they chose to do and thinking about how I can minister to them in their situation.

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