Some Reflections after reading portions of Desiring God by John Piper

This will help lead us to those tough questions that we still have not answered fully.”Glory” is an interesting concept, as it is hard to define. It is like beauty. In this case it is beauty of God’s manifold perfections.
There is a single ultimate goal of God. That is to display His infinite worth and awesome greatness, which is His glory.
Above all things God loves His glory more than anything else.
Of God’s many goals, the ultimate goal is to display His glory.
He loves Himself infinitely.
This is because He alone is supremely valuable.According to Piper one of the best ways to think about God’s infinite enjoyment of His own glory is to think of it as the delight He has in His Son, who is the perfect reflection of that glory.That is such an interesting comment because God and Jesus is the same person in the Trinity. But at the same time different enough for one to love the other. But while loving the other, God loving Jesus, loves Himself even more! So amazing stuff here! This is very interesting and stirs many questions:
Is God for us or against us?
What then is God lacking that He needs man’s praise for?
If love does not seek its own, how can God love Himself so much?These are the things to come!

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