I’m old school

I’m a young postmodern body but living in me is old school personlaity

I don’t fit into my own generation. I am an ancient old school man living a culture of new and change.

Albeit not everything about me is old school, when my parents, grandparents, uncles need computer help they call on me. I love the conveniences and technologies we have but that is not really what I am talking about here.
I am speaking and thinking of the way I think, the way I live, the way I go about things, even ministry; I am old school.
I stick out like a cold sore.
This culture is fast paced, I am slow and patient. This culture knows the fastest short-cuts. I have to experience things myself first the hard way. Maybe I am just stubborn.
I preach truth straight from the Bible I don’t focus too much on illustrations and stories.
I will tell you something from the Bible and sure there is room for personal experience and illustrations, that is fine.
For me though, I spent my time studying the Word. I will depend more on the Holy Spirit’s help to communicate the message properly. He is better at that than I am! I am going to preach the Word

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