Bad things happen to [____] people

You might think I am crazy, that is okay. I think that bad things happen to all people because all people are fallen sinners who live in a fallen world. No one is inherently ‘good’: “There is none righteous, not even one” (Rom. 3:10). Because of that reality, suffering is universal.
What is beautiful is that the story does not end there! The God that loves us offers grace and forgiveness and wants to help make us good. He offers the love and forgiveness to everyone: the oppressed, persecuted, the poor, the rich, everyone…. the question is : Will you accept it? God offers His grace to all, but many people reject it.

3 thoughts on “Bad things happen to [____] people

  1. I do not think there is an exception for anyone. I believe that there are no men who are inherently good. We are not righteous on our own. The natural man cannot will to do God’s will. He cannot even know what is good. Eventually there will be troubles and bad things that will occur in your life. The question is where will you find your strength?

  2. I think I get you, I might never understand God's will, how can I if I do not really believe, I suppose it is all relative. I base my views of good and bad on morals, and although I had a Christian upbringing, school etc, I took the view that the Bible was a good book full of moral guidance, but I did not take it literally, I suppose that is just my path.
    Although nothing really bad as I view it has happened to me yet, you are right, I do not know what the future holds. I believe however that part of life is overcoming the troubles that we encounter and this is one of the things that gives us strength, so I'm sure I'll be fine.
    I hope that you have accepted Gods grace, I'm sure you are at least on a good path, so I wish you all the best anyhow.

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