In the huddle…

Lk. 2:16- And they came with haste, and found both Mary and Joseph, and the babe lying in the manger. 

With College bowl season and NFL playoffs soon, it is prime time for football. Teams can spend all their  time, sitting in the huddle, planning the next play, but if they never leave the huddle, they will only accumulate penalties. Teams have to GO and PLAY.

Similarly, the shepherds in Luke did not spend any time at all huddling and planning what was next, they simply went….they were in a hurry….they MADE HASTE. We as Christians need to go and make haste also.

We spend a lot of time talking and planning  in the huddle, (which is a great place to be) but we need to get out of the huddle and make haste in the real world. We must impact people with Christ!