Opportunities to help Kairos

Kairos Prison Ministry is a volunteer, lay-led Christian ministry which conducts a highly-structured program designed for use in male and female medium-to-maximum security correctional institutions. I encourage you to read about what Kairos does and how it is helping in my first post. The recidivism rate was 15.7% among those who had participated in one Kairos session. The recidivism rate amongst the normal prison population varies between 30% – 50+%. Recidivism means the percentage of inmates that return to the prison system once they have been released from their initial term. There are a lot of ways to help Kairos.

1. Volunteer: – join a Kairos team, it will change your life. You get to do the hands-on work of ministry.
2. Bake Cookies- every Kairos weekend, needs thousands of cookies, anywhere from 2000 dozen to 6000 dozen cookies! So you can help by baking up some cookies and the main ingredient is love.
3. Donate “green Agape” or money. It costs money to provide for the food and materials for these weekends.
4. Donate Agape posters, place mats, letters, prayers, pray chain links. Have children draw hand prints, crosses, Scriptures, Bibles, all of these simple and cliche images really touch the lives of the participants. -Write a letter to the participants to encourage them.
5. Pray- we are powered by God’s grace, love and the the help of the Holy Spirit. We need God’s intervention in our lives and in the participants’s lives!
6. Join a cooking team – we need help cooking all of the food!
7. Go to a closing- you will be blessed at a closing service when you hear the participants’ stories. Also you will be blessing them by just showing up!
8. Offer volunteers breakfast and dinner during the weekend.
Check out My Kairos Pin Board.Check out the Kairos International and Ohio websites respectively.

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