Why men should see a coach

Men are a different breed from woman. This is not a new insight. God created women to have a 

great sense (and a better touch) with their emotions.
Women have better verbal and language skills, they
 tend to be more sensitive and offer more empathy
than men. Honestly, women simply have more
developed brain in a lot of ways. In general, men and
women compliment each other, each have a different
set of superior skills.

With this vast difference in gifts and skills, men often are turned off by the idea of seeing a “shrink” or counselor. Men often are not excited about the opportunity to share some of their deepest feelings, hurts and pains. This is also not surprising, although as a life coach and counselor,  some of the most gratifying work I done is with men. 
Often though it is coaching that is a comfortable fit for men. It’s less talking about feelings and more tools and strategies. So, in that regard, men will often consider coaching as an option when counseling isn’t really going to be their gig. This can be a life changing and helpful opportunity of gain and growth!

I always tell my guys, I don’t really care about their childhood or their past relationships. I am primarily concerned with their present, and their future. Men want tools. I can help them get solid relationship tools on board. It’s a straight to the point, no messing around process. So men, do not fear coaching. A coach can offer you accountability and a better life! 


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