A loaf of Bread

A few weeks ago, I purchased a loaf of bread in Ashland, Ohio. I took it to where I was staying at in Wooster, Ohio because I had some lunch meat to eat and I figured having some bread would be nice as I would create sandwiches for lunches.

In a week, I had a road trip to Lynchburg, Va. By the time it was time to go to Lynchburg, I had not eaten any of the bread, so I packed it with me. I was in Lynchburg for a little over a week.
 I returned with a full loaf of bread.
After a few days back between Ashland and Wooster, it was time to head back to my home town of Lancaster, Ohio. Once I got home, I realized that it had been over three weeks since I purchased the loaf of bread that was still sitting in my car unopened.

I learned some things from this loaf of bread about myself. Clearly, I do not eat a lot of bread. I Asked myself, “Why am I still holding on this loaf of bread?” It reminded me that often times in life, we hold on to things that we do not need to keep holding on to. In my bedroom, in my car and in my office, I have several books and gadgets that I am not using on a regular basis. They are just taking up space. Most of these things will not go bad like a loaf of bread will but there they sit collecting dust.

Worse, sometimes, are the feelings we hold on to. The emotions that we just do not want to let go of. Instead of collecting dust or going bad, grudges and past pains/hurts have much different consequences. When we hold on to these emotions, it is not the product that goes to waste, but the person holding on to the emotions. Let this time be a quick reflection of what emotions or past hurts you are currently holding on to.

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