I am realizing that I have a ton to be thankful for. And I am.

What has been keeping me busy:
1. Internship at Cornerstone Counseling. Had someone told me I’d end up in Ashland, Ohio for my internship as I was applying for internship last year, I would have looked at them strangely. I did not apply for any internships that were more than 30 miles away from where I live, yet, through all the circumstances and connections I have made, the Lord provided me an internship and it is a really great site.
2. Fully Alive Life Coaching. It is still in the infancy stage. I love helping people and I am excited to see results already in my clientele.
3. Adjunct Professor at Ohio Christian University. First, I love instructing and teaching. Second I am thankful to be putting my M.Div to use to actually make some money. And without this job, I would not be able to do my internship and start my coaching business.
4. My education at Liberty University. I have worked hard on earning my degrees and in learning a lot of practical knowledge that I am using today as an intern, minister and life coach.

Free Time and Recreation:
1. Family. Always have been and always will be thankful for them. I am blessed to be in this amazing family.
2. My host family here in Wooster, Ohio. Because of them, I am able to have a place to stay when I am in North Central Ohio so I can complete my internship and do so cheaply! They are an incredible family and not only blessed but honored to be staying with them and to learn from their godly example as parents and youth leaders!
3. Ultimate Frisbee. The past few years a group of friends started playing Ultimate Frisbee at Rising Park. It has been an amazing success. Besides just being a lot of fun, I have also met new friends, gotten closer to old friends and got a lot of exercise out of the deal too!
4. 2013 for me was the year of Catan. I went from playing a few games of the original Catan game to now owning most of the expansions and extensions of Catan. It is a good strategy board game. This year I have spent a lot of time playing and enjoying the game with friends and family.
5. Music. This year purchased a banjo. I honestly have not had much time to practice playing it, but it is fun and I am thankful for it.
6. Target practice. This year, my brother has taken me out to the range for target practice more than ever. It has been fun and a good environment for practicing gun safety and  self-defense.

My Dreams:
1. Of writing a book.
2. Finishing my internship, which is coming up!
3. Earning a Doctorate.
4. Paying off student debt.
5. Seeing where God takes my coaching business.

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