The best idea for an Asian Resturant

I love Asian-American food. Anytime I visit or settle in a new town, I find out where the most popular “Asian restaurants” are located. I have visited all four of the Asian restaurants that exist  in Ashland, Ohio during my time here. They have one that has half off sushi on Tuesdays. One has a buffet, one is a hole in the wall and one is a classic old-school restaurant style. The latter impressed me a lot during a recent visit. I order a “dinner” meal during lunch time. I got hot tea, soup, an egg roll, a fried wonton, a fried wing and a meal portion entree all for about $10!

As I was waiting for the meal, I had a bright idea. What if a Asian sit-in meal restaurant, like this one, offered the same high quality food entree items but you were able to get a side and two (or three) entree items, the way platting is done at an unnamed popular corporation does their “Asian-like” platting/menu.

So, in my idea, you could get high quality chicken fried rice or shrimp lo mien (as your ‘side’) with a portion of General Tso’s chicken and a portion of authentic Kung Pao Chicken (as your two ‘entrees’. Would that not be the greatest idea?

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