Questions to live by

I recently read One Question by Ken Coleman, New York Time Best-Selling Author and emcee of Catalyst conference. This book is a “best-of” all the interviews Coleman has done with some of the best Christian leaders in America. I have decided to list some of the most powerful questions these leaders have lived by and the questions they challenge others to ask themselves:

John Maxwell- What are you passionate about? What are you good at?

Marcus Buckingham – What is the best way you learn? How can you apply this principal to both your areas of strength and weakness?

Peter Guber- Are you truly connecting with people or just trying to sell something? Are you being your authentic self with your clients? Are you opening up to your customer’s hearts before their wallets?

Randall Wallace- If you are telling a story, does the story move you? In life are you trying to find your message first or your audience first?

Seth Godin- Are you waiting for opportunities? Or are you ready for them?

T. D. Jakes- What is my vision? Where do I see things that others do not see?

Blake Mycoskie- How can I start small to follow my dream?

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