Enjoy a Hobby


 A Hobby Outside of Work

             It is great when we find a career that we enjoy. It is nice to get paid to do something you love doing. If you  are blessed to be in a position that you like, congratulations! Not everyone is passionate about what they are doing in the daily grind.  In any case, it is important to have a hobby away from or outside of work. This is for several reasons. First, having a “second passion ” or hobby in your life is extremely healthy and can make you more healthy, more social and more productive. Second having a fun hobby prevents burn-out and also prevents workaholic syndrome.

               Randi Zuckerberg coined the phrase “Second Passion” at Vocus Demand Success 2014, to describe the importance of having an excellent hobby away from work. Randi is not the only productive person to live by this principle. Lots of famous, creative and productive people have balanced work life with creative work (or something fun, like a hobby). See the image below from Podio:  

While Podio’s chart (above) is based on research, it is not the only research that supports the idea of getting into a hobby. If these charts interest you a lot check out Daily Rituals: How Artists Work by Mason Currey, RJ Andrews at Info We Trust. But it truly is mind-blowing how these famous people balanced their time. We all have 24 hours in a day. The key is in how we use it.

creative routines edit

Based on compiling and analyzing all of the research here is an ideal  24 hour schedule or outline to try to follow. Now of course not everyday is going to fit perfectly to this schedule….

Fortunately  created this image, seven-day chart, so we can fill in our own schedules based on each day of the week!

Some Ideas for you “second passion”

  • Improve the mind
    • Brain Training
    • Informative podcasts
    • Open and Free MOOCs
    • Meditations/Relaxation techniques
  • Learn Something New
    • Toastmaters
    • Read great books
    • Stay informed in the news
    • board games/cards
    • magic tricks
    • dancing
    • foreign language
    • Work on cars
    • Yoga
    • Computer codes
  • Be productive and charitable
    • Rotary Club/ Lions Club/ Eagles/ etc
  •  Volunteer
    • church
    • non-profits
    • schools
    • hospitals/nursing homes
    • rec. leagues/sports
  • Get physical
    • Fencing
    • Kickboxing
    • Taekwondo/ other martial arts
  • Enjoy the outdoors
    • fishing
    • hunting
    • camping
    • hiking
    • jogging
    • swimming
    • photography
    • geo-catching
    • play sports
    • paintball
    • raise animals/farm
    • Archery/ Firearms
    • Fireworks
  • Listen to music
    • Go to concerts/shows
    • Learn to play an instrument
  • Journal/draw
  • Get a pet
  • Be grateful/thankful
  • Enjoy life


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