An area lacking

A part of my life that I miss is music.
During most of my life I have played in a band. Not always the same band but continually in a group nonetheless.
I recorded an album of myself for fun last year.
Now I occasionally write songs but this area of my life is lacking and not as active as it has been in the past and I miss that.

It is not only my own music playing and ability but music in general…
I have 30GBs of music on my computer but much of it is forgotten.
It is great music (old and new) but I just haven’t got the time to just listen to music like I used to.

It is strange how all this occurring, I love music and it has always been a part of my life but right not it is not as big of my life as usual. I miss that…

so here is to a random day off of me playing guitar and forgetting about the rest of my life…it was fun

Learning to relax

My job, moving freight, can sometimes be very frustrating. I like to do a good job and it is fun when the freight is easy to move and I get way above average statistics that impress the ole boss. But you do not always get good freight and can not always get great numbers. Some freight is just rough.

My problem is I am high-strum and get upset with myself when I am not running the freight as fast as I would like. But as a good friend told me today, just relax. Calm down, you are getting paid my the hour. And there simply are a lot of things you cannot control.

A lot of other great things took place today before this unsettling seemingly unproductive day at work so I need to just relax and enjoy the good things. And next time I have tough freight, just relax and do the best I can as long as it takes but not purposes slowing down…

The Good:
Unexpected 9.7 out of 10 on a paper returned to me
Chatting with this girl
I overhauled – it looks nice now…

Besides annoying freight, my hours are also getting cut which is upsetting but more time for other things is a good thing in some respects, just waiting or the recession to end so I can earn more money, get out of debt, etc.

That is what is up with me

Experiencing God moment

“We do not sit down and dream what we want to do for God and then call God in to help us accomplish it.” (From Experiencing God: Blackaby and King)

“It’s not a question of what you can do for me…what can I do for you, My King?” (Tree63)

I am guilty of these things. I will sometimes find myself dreaming of what I think God wants and then I will ask God for help doing it….

But it does not work that way. We must die to ourself and submit to God and what He is doing. We must die to ourself and let God do what He is going to do (not what we want to do or what we thing He is going to do) and then we must join Him in HIS work!

Good but terrible freight news

So Yellow is going out of business.
This is good news for me and UPS Freight, as we will pick up a LOT of new business.
This is great news for me, because I will be back to a normal, regular, steady schedule. More hours and more money.

This is terrible news because of the economy. It is terrible also because our dock is already loaded and busy, there is no way we can support all of YELLOW’s business. There simply is not enough room on the dock!
Another challenge will be the fact that we will be hiring newbies, so the dock will be flooded with more workers who do not know what they are doing, etc. But this will eventually not be a big problem.

I’ve been thinkin a lot about….

Lately I have been thinking a lot about how lucky I am to be an American, how fortunate I am to have spendable money, own toys, have drinking water, own a car, type on this laptop that is mine….

Gosh, God has blessed me more than I know. Ever since I was a teenager I have thought about what it might be like to have grown up in a third world country. I had thought that it was sort of unfair. Although God has reasons for putting me here. I want to do whatever it is that HE wants me to do. I want to serve Him.

Sometimes it is easy to live in my world. To be so focused on me and what I want, what I think I need. I think about the next purchase I want to make, my agenda for tomorrow, my next task or test…I plan my own world. I try to figure it all out. It is easy to be so wrapped up in me thinking that I miss God and what He wants. I miss opportunities to serve Him. I forget about the lost. I forget about those who are less fortunate than me.
I think that I can do something for those who are less fortunate than me. I see how I rule my own life. I see all the money and food I waste. I realize that I have a lot more than many many many others in this world. I realize though that I can do something. 
I want to do something. I feel a desire to do something more. I feel called to help other people. I am not sure exactly how or what that will look like…
I do not know why I feel compelled to even type this, but at a young age I felt called to ministry, at one point I felt that I might even be called to be a missionary…but God is still working the plans. I am not sure where the path is leading right now. I am still learning, growing and training. 
One of the lessons that I have also spent much time contemplating recently is just how much time and energy I (we, as a nation) spend building our own kingdoms….building our own barns, collecting toys, growing our bank accounts, etc…it is very selfish. 

Think about it, none of these things are eternal. Nothing is going to Heaven with us. The only thing that stands forever is the Word of God and God himself. 

Maybe I am different than most people. But I feel the need to spend less time conquering my greedy American dreams and more time helping the less fortunate. 
Another thought that piles on to the equation is this one, “Are you ready if Jesus comes back?”
I don’t mean to sound religiously bigoted or better than anyone, cause I am not. I waste a lot of time and money. I am greedy sometimes. I am working on all of these things in my own personal life, that is probably why I am typing all of this….

But think about it, chasing our American dreams sometimes gets in the way of what we are called or might be called to do by God. God wants us to share our faith and help the less fortunate. God commands us to make disciples. The early church was a
lot more 
eschatological in their thinking then we are, wheter they knew it or not… they knew Jesus was coming back and they lived ready for His return! Are we doing these things? Are we in love with our first love? Are we sharing our faith enough? Are we giving to the poor and helping the widows and children? Are we living like Christ? Is this how the early Church followed Christ? 

I am not saying we cannot have good things and we should not live with the things God has blessed us with…nor am I accusing anyone, but myself of a bad faith or a lost love… But these are things to consider…these are thoughts from my head…. 

What have I been up to?

Sorry I have not posted recently, and far less about me and my real life.

I have been working on some ideas for my church. I am developing a Coffee House “open mic” event idea.

We do not have a cappuccino machine so I am getting creative drink ideas:
Cappuccino mix
Fancy teas
Lots of coffee
Coffee syrups
“Flavored” Coffee
Hot Coco

Does any one have experience with these types of drinks and could recommend or suggest any particular brands or other ideas?

What else have I been into?

Mario Kart Wii
Wii Music

Started my hermeneutics class

Work with UPS Freight

Song writing

Going on dates

Playing with my new computer: Dell XPS M1530 (Half a Christmas present to self, half because it was just plain necessary to upgrade!) I had maxed out my Centurion Pentium and my hard drive storage. Now I am running a lot faster and effecient.

I have a lot of theology ideas and posts for this blog. But I am busy and this blog is a low priority compared to other things in my life. So look for at least once a week but do no expect too much.

why people get so sad about being single

I don’t get it…

If they truly believe that there is ONE person out there for them why do they think it has to be EVERY SINGLE GIRL they run into, every girl they have a crush on, or every girl in the city they live in?

they get upset about every girl that does not like them, every single girl that just wants to be friends every single girl that passed them up…

Why are they so stressed out? Why are they so when there are so many fish in the sea?

That is just crazy talk. First off because it is not about dating every girl or wearing your heart on your sleeve over every girl. Do be so desperate.

Second it is about finding the right person for you, not a popularity contest. Not about always having someone to date. Not about dating for the heck of it.

It is about finding your soul mate. Relax. this will be an adventure. This will take some time. The first girl you pluck out of the crowd is probably not going to be the answer. It might….but why have such high hopes.

Maybe it is just me. I like myself. I am unique and special. I am a not the type of person every woman/girl is going to even want to date. That is cool. I do not want to date every single girl either. I am holding out for some one who fits with me.

I am a specialty item. Novelty, per say. I am proud of it too.
Why cry about that? That is good stuff.


What has been up with me recently?

Work/ Career:
Working with UPS Freight as a dockworker. It is great. Fun. But have not been getting a lot of hours. Slow economy in general, plus winter is a very slow freight season. 😦

Been working on two classes at a time this semester which is tough. And both classes are challenging and require a lot more research and effort than I am used to since I graduated, from Ohio University anyways. Exciting paper about Paul and the law which his coming along!

Our church is in the middle of closing on our new building. Which is really exciting. We are going to have our first service in the building on Sunday! And Thanksgiving meal! mmm.

Youth Group:
We are closing in on Dec. 13th, the date of our production. That is exciting! We need to practice more for sure though. The director might have her baby within a week or two!
I have been busy getting the float and set ready! The Lancaster parade is Saturday so not much more time!

My ear:
The doctor said it is healing up great but apparently it takes a long time to heal all the way! Despite how great it feels it is only 50% healed!

My car:
Keeps breaking. Always fun to embarrass myself trying to fix it.

No luck yet.

Reasons why I plan on never purchasing a cable tv plan

There are some many great technologies available making watching my favorite television shows for free. There is no reason to pay for cable, tivos, and all of that when I have an HD laptop with internet connection, and even a cable to connect to a larger projection and or tv.

1. The simplest and easiest is watching tv and movies on the internet legally from the network’s own website or another 3rd party website:
you name the network and they have a website where they will playback new episodes for free with limited advertising online.
3rd party sites with and without ads:

If you do not like the quality of the online experience, there are other great was to watch tv with out paying for cable monthly:

Satellite TV For PC
for a one time fee of about $50 you legally purchase software that get over 3000 channels to your laptop.