About me and my services

 I am a Christian Life Coach, a Professor of Biblical Studies, a future professionally licensed counselor, blogger and occasionally fill the pulpit. My specialties are in helping ministers/pastors with self-care and stress management and in helping college students/young adults find purpose in life.
I am learning how to deal with stress and anxiety with CBT, mindfulness and relaxation techniques, coping skills, and  decision making  techniques.
 I have seen trauma, divorce, stress and personal loss and pain in my own life. I have been there.I want to remove excuses for getting success you want over the phone, on Skype and face-to-face.

 I want to help people set realistically higher expectations, achieve more results and to live a better lifestyle.
I want you to  see success in life. I want to help grow and stretch you to new levels in your emotional, spiritual, intellectual and physical development.
I will provide and equip you with  tools use for the rest of your life as you continue to grow and learn.
I want to change the way you think about yourself. I believe that everyone has a ton of potential and the only thing standing in your way is your self.
With me you will be able to see results in your life and you will gain tools and discover resources that you will be able to use in the future.
For a free  consultation to see if coaching with me is a good fit  for you check out AlexanderDolin.com for more information.


Christian Isolation

It is true as McRaney states on page 198 that, “the highest level of motivation for evangelism is love for God.”

Unfortunately, this (along with many other statistics) shows that Christians in America lack the passion to be godly and love God as they should.

We have lost sight of proper priorities in life. God calls us to “love the Lord your God with all of our Heart, soul, and mind.” (mt. 22:37)

My personal problem is isolation… I am calling it a problem not a barrier, because it is my own fault. Labeling it a barrier, to me seems like pushing the blame on uncontrolables. I know better than that, because I know that I can do something in my life to address this problem.

I am glad and humbled that McRaney straight-forwardly calls me out by saying that Isolation is my selfishness. I am selfish and enjoy the fellowship of other believers. There is nothing wrong with that in of itself, but when we are blocking our own movement from growth it is a problem. We should spend some of this “fellowship” time together sharing the Gospel together, through servant evangelism, door-to-door evangelism, inviting non-Christians to join us in our fellowship at home or church…so that they see the love of Christ with us.

When I shelter myself from the world, I am disconnected. Some of the best experiences I have ever had with other Christians and with God have been the times of brokenness and challenge. Times when I had a passion to reach the lost and I was being challenged daily to share my faith with other Christians.

Accountability in evangelism is one the best tools to avoid isolation. Two or three guys or gals should meet together regularly not only for Bible study but also for sharing the Gospel. Talk about and pray for the oppurtunities in real life, but also make oppurtunities intentionally whether you are going door-to-door or if you simply just have a get-together at your home and invite your lost friends there.

We need a passion for God and a passion to be godly. Amen.

personality or character

I made the mistake of assuming what some one’s character is liked based on thier personality. On my behalf I did not really know him (character or personality) at all, but first impressions lead me astray. It was wrong for me to assume anything about his character based on the first encounter (point of contact.) First impressions swayed me wrong, but the same was probably true of my first impressions upon him.

I was having a bad day at work and then I went to his area on the dock and he was hastling me and giving me a hard time and made one paticular comment that really hurt me so I assumed that this guy was a very negative man.
Turns out he is a nice man and even a Christian. I ran into him agian recently. He remembered our entour a few weeks ago and started giving me a hard time agian. I told him about that week and that I was having a bad day and I admitted that I made a few mistakes a few weeks back then he asked me if I was a college student…
The conversation turned quickly once he found out I was taking online classes with a Christian University. He told me he was a Christian too. We made both made new impressions upon each other.
He did admit that he enjoys giving people a hard time, especailly if they make a mistake. And I had errored that first time I met him. Still I was wrong for mistaking his rough personality with his character. These two are not the same.
This man mentioned above has developed a great relationship with me. We pray for each other and have fellowship at work!

An area lacking

A part of my life that I miss is music.
During most of my life I have played in a band. Not always the same band but continually in a group nonetheless.
I recorded an album of myself for fun last year.
Now I occasionally write songs but this area of my life is lacking and not as active as it has been in the past and I miss that.

It is not only my own music playing and ability but music in general…
I have 30GBs of music on my computer but much of it is forgotten.
It is great music (old and new) but I just haven’t got the time to just listen to music like I used to.

It is strange how all this occurring, I love music and it has always been a part of my life but right not it is not as big of my life as usual. I miss that…

so here is to a random day off of me playing guitar and forgetting about the rest of my life…it was fun

Learning to relax

My job, moving freight, can sometimes be very frustrating. I like to do a good job and it is fun when the freight is easy to move and I get way above average statistics that impress the ole boss. But you do not always get good freight and can not always get great numbers. Some freight is just rough.

My problem is I am high-strum and get upset with myself when I am not running the freight as fast as I would like. But as a good friend told me today, just relax. Calm down, you are getting paid my the hour. And there simply are a lot of things you cannot control.

A lot of other great things took place today before this unsettling seemingly unproductive day at work so I need to just relax and enjoy the good things. And next time I have tough freight, just relax and do the best I can as long as it takes but not purposes slowing down…

The Good:
Unexpected 9.7 out of 10 on a paper returned to me
Chatting with this girl
I overhauled overthehillrecords.com – it looks nice now…

Besides annoying freight, my hours are also getting cut which is upsetting but more time for other things is a good thing in some respects, just waiting or the recession to end so I can earn more money, get out of debt, etc.

That is what is up with me

Experiencing God moment

“We do not sit down and dream what we want to do for God and then call God in to help us accomplish it.” (From Experiencing God: Blackaby and King)

“It’s not a question of what you can do for me…what can I do for you, My King?” (Tree63)

I am guilty of these things. I will sometimes find myself dreaming of what I think God wants and then I will ask God for help doing it….

But it does not work that way. We must die to ourself and submit to God and what He is doing. We must die to ourself and let God do what He is going to do (not what we want to do or what we thing He is going to do) and then we must join Him in HIS work!