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Lancaster, OH – There’s a perception that our clergymen don’t need anyone to talk to – after all they have their faith – but that’s not always the case. Our pastors and ministers are people, too. We all need help and support, especially those who give so much of themselves in service of others.
“Even pastors need life coaches,” says Alex Dolin, a life coach and Christian therapist. “They give, give and give, but they don’t always have someone to watch their back. If you help people but forget to take care of yourself, you will feel overwhelmed. I just think it’s something that’s needed and I wanted to support them.”
Until recently, Dolin specialized almost exclusively in life coaching services for clergymen, some of whom had even experienced a crisis of faith. Dolin now accepts clients from all walks of life using the same coaching techniques and restless enthusiasm that proved so effective with pastors.
“Helping people and wanting to help people has been my whole life story,” says Dolin. “It’s why I became a minister. It’s why I’m taking classes to be a licensed professional counselor. Coaching is just another way for me to help people defeat their obstacles and achieve their best in life.”
According to Dolin, many of his clients experience difficulty identifying their purpose because of negative underlying beliefs. Dolin offers his clients the accountability and encouragement that’s necessary to achieve their goals.
“Everyone has a tape recorder in their head playing over and over,” says Dolin. “It can be really encouraging or it can be negative. It’s about helping people to have healthier thoughts to find their next motivation.”

What have I been up to?

Sorry I have not posted recently, and far less about me and my real life.

I have been working on some ideas for my church. I am developing a Coffee House “open mic” event idea.

We do not have a cappuccino machine so I am getting creative drink ideas:
Cappuccino mix
Fancy teas
Lots of coffee
Coffee syrups
“Flavored” Coffee
Hot Coco

Does any one have experience with these types of drinks and could recommend or suggest any particular brands or other ideas?

What else have I been into?

Mario Kart Wii
Wii Music

Started my hermeneutics class

Work with UPS Freight

Song writing

Going on dates

Playing with my new computer: Dell XPS M1530 (Half a Christmas present to self, half because it was just plain necessary to upgrade!) I had maxed out my Centurion Pentium and my hard drive storage. Now I am running a lot faster and effecient.

I have a lot of theology ideas and posts for this blog. But I am busy and this blog is a low priority compared to other things in my life. So look for at least once a week but do no expect too much.

A slowing down in blog posting

Ever since I started this blog I have had lots of great ideas for posts that were in my head already, books I’ve been reading, from my friends or just some crazy theological topics that got me thinking!

I’ve reached my 270th post since March when I began this blog. I made it a point to try to blog at least on post a day during week days and randomly on weekends. I have taken off some week days rarely, like yesterday.

But I have reached a point finally where my stash of extra draft ideas are almost all used up. Which is a good thing in some ways. I am actually blogging, what I have set out to do. But now I am running dr on my surplus, so I say all that to speak the obvious….

I will likely be posting less often. Instead of posting every day, I will be posting whenever I have a good topic and can formulate a good post. Although I for sure will likely post 2 or 3 times a week, cause I enjoy posting and writing.


Emerging, Emergent, Evangelical, etc…

I am totally stealing these awesome pictures from Michael Patton and giving him FULL credit…
This is cool!:
Anyone who has read my blog knows that I read Parchment and Pen theology blog a lot, in fact, my blog would be significantly different (maybe even non-existent) without his blog (and influence of such!) So thanks Michael!

Today I am examining some cool drawings/graphs from post ” Will the Real Emerger Please Stand Up?

The post is real long and has a lot really good detail and insight. I highly recommend you go to his sight read it and even download the PDF as a resources for future teaching/preaching and or reflecting.

These graphs are only a very small portion of the entire post:

Here is the idea! This is the template. To differentiate between Emerging, Emergent, Evangelical, and Fundamental – Michael charted dotes that represent how each group sees theological issues. It does not have to do with where they land theologically. It has more to do with how much focus each group places on certain issues.

For example, the perspective or angle of a fundamentalist is ” “If it is in the Bible, it is absolutely essential, and we are certain that we are right!”
Very dry cut, black-and-white, and clear.
They spend their time on essential issues, yes…but they also make EVERYTHING (in the Bible) an essential.

And here, we see that Evangelicals have a place for everything. This is more balanced. We spend a lot of time deciding what is essential what is not essential. What is important and fun to talk about but is not essential, etc.

We see here, emerging, begins to drift away completely from the center.

And here you can even begin to see a difference between Emerging and Emergent camps!

I love ideas

Ideas – I love them !
That is what this blog is about!
It is full of thoughts and ideas that are mine as well as from others.
I like it when people share ideas!

Blogs I check almost everyday– Josh Griffin, Saddleback High School Pastor

Parchment and Pen
-Michael Patton ounder and president of Reclaiming the Mind Ministries along with others.

Youth Culture Watch – Jim Liebelt’s blog as a part of Jim Burn’s HomeWord Ministry.

Boundless – A part of Focus on the Family: made by and for college and young-adult / career-aged people

College Ministry Thoughts – Journal of Student Ministries, along with Simply Youth (for College Aged Ministry), along with others with college-ministry experience.

Blogs I check, every once in a while or whenever they FINALLY post:

Off The Record – Paul Matson, a good friend blogs about good stuff relating to PR, HR, Marketing, social media and trends.

Greg Stier
– President of Dare 2 Share Ministries.

Learning my Lines… – Walt Mueller, President of Youth Culture expert.

evangelism coach – Practical Personal and Church Evangelism Training

Random Thursday: Man Law!

Today’s random thought/resource is a blog I came across this weekend. I really liked the blog and some the videos on it as well.
The Blog is called MANSPEAK – I am not sure completely what the idea or the start of this blog is because their ABOUT page is not completed but according to the BIOS page, there are 6 young men who contribute to the blog regularly. As I have investigated the blog, the posts are focused on being godly men. They are reformed, believe in evangelism, and offer some great links and resources.
Some of my favorite things about the blog, besides the great posts, are the “Manly men of history” links to other websites ( Charles Spurgeon, Herman Bavinck, John Owen, Jonathan Edwards, Martyn Lloyd-Jones,Thomas Watson)
Edwards, and their comedy page called MAN LAWS.

The Man Laws page is great. These bloggers sit around a table and talk about the most important Manly topics – coffee, tight pants, hugs, leg crossing, diets, and emoticons. I have posted a few videos at the bottom of this post, but go to the MAN LAWS. site to see them all. And subscribe to their blog for manly updates.