problems of a privatized faith

Our world has become “Secular vs sacred.” The Christian faith has become compartmentalized. Being “religious” is just another sector or part of life. It is personal, private and separate from all other things in life. The individual Christian is left to his own feelings about the faith. They are alone, by themselves and basing faith on “how they feel.” To make matters worse, the are not engaging their faith with their minds.
It is strange too. Think the secular world encourages a man to us his reason and mind when buying a house, when choosing a vocation, or learning to use a computer. Man engages his mind in accomplishing secular task, it is not necessarily how he feels that matters.
But in the “sacred world” man is basing faith on feelings. This has many downfalls. Sermons and Sunday schools are addressing the heart but not the cultivating the mind. Anti-intellectualism in the church is a major problem.
If we are not engaging our minds in our faith then we are not fully understanding God completely. We are going deep in study. We are not getting deep in our knowledge of God.
This is sad.
Also when the Christian faith is privatized, Christians more often chose not to go to church. This is a major problem because fellowship is an essential purpose of our faith. We need to be meeting together on a regular basis in order to encourage each other and help each other grow in our faiths!

compartamentalization is bad

How often I catch myself doing this!!!

I organize my “to do list” and I have my employment related tasks, my University related tasks, taking care of me/myself, family, social events, and my church related tasks, and somewhere in there I know I need to spend time with God.

You know? I give him maybe 30 min.s to an hour in the beginning of the day and then that is it…

I get so caught up in the flow of life, marking off my things to do, that I use that mentality to my own personal walk with God. And when I do this, my walk with God suffers.

On these days, God is just a brief section of a day that centers around ME.

I got my God section of life, my blog section, my guitar time, my reading portion, my sleeping hours, and my personal down time….you get the idea!

And it should not be this way. The center needs to be God. When God is my center. EVERYTHING flows much smoother. There is peace. There is a strong relationship and their is communication through-out the day between a loving Creator and His son! Ah!

CORE Training #1

Recently I took my youth group adult and student leaders to Core Training, put on by Youth Specialties. Every year Youth Specialties does an awesome job. I have been there for the past four years. The training was great! We all learned a lot. The title of the day’s training was “Generation Change.” And this was the first time Core Training invited both student and adult leaders together. It was really cool having student leaders there.

I want to do a few posts on the topics that we learned in the Training. Today’s post is about compartmentalization.

Many times in life, we compartmentalize areas of our life. We have our life organized into parts or categories. Imagine a large square cut into equally sized, smaller squares. Each of the small squares represent a different category or section of our life. Many people try to balance each part of life. Compartmentalization is a way of the world.

Instead of following the world, furiously trying to balance all parts of our life, we should have have an eternal perspective. The Christian way is to put God first in all of life. Giving ALL areas to God. NOT holding back areas from God. And NOT having any double standards. Or living double lives.

When we have compartments in our life, we tend to live double lives. One area of life, maybe, we choose not to let God have. We let one of these compartments (or more) be filled with sin, evil, struggles of ugly passions. God does not want us to live that way. We need to remain pure and give God all of our life.

Living a double life is just wrong and sinful. I have convictions about this a lot, but it was a great refreshing topic at CORE. And that is only tip of the iceberg. I highly recommend CORE training. I recently posted about an inconsistency in my own life relating to this topic.