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A lot of my friends are baptist and they believe in the notion of pre-tribulation dispensational premillennialism. – yeah the longest, most confusing title…and it actually is one of the more complex and confusing theories too! Are you familiar with the Left Behind books by Tim LeHaye. well those books portray this theory.

I have been studying the end times or eschatology with the help of and some theology books. I am still not sure where exactly I stand, but I have found problems with the pre-tribulation dispensational premillennialism. And am not a follower of that theory.

I also struggle to believe the symbolic millennailism or amillennialism. Basically, it suggests that number of years in Revelation 20 is a symbolic number, not a literal description; that the millennium has already begun and is identical with the church age. And Christ could return at any moment.

Random Question

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Has anyone seen the movies Left Behind or read the books by Tim LaHaye?
I understand that the eschatology theologybehind these books is premillennial dispensationalism.
And as a good reformed theologian, I do not necessarily agree with everything according to premillennial dispensationalism.
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But I was thinking about an aspect that is not really researched or thought about much, due to the fact that the debate has so many other great aspects and debatable points. And the debate is refuted even before this question can even be asked.

The Question:
Why do the bodies of the Christians who are raptured disappear? In the Left Behind Movie the rapture of the saints living and dead occurs. The Christians living just disappear all that is left is their clothing. Do the followers of premillennial dispensationalism think that the living raptured Christian bodies (the bodies themselves will just disappear?) I tend to think that rather what could happen if premillennial dispensationalism were true (which is unlikely) is that the actual phyiscal human bodies themselves would stay on earth while the souls of the Christian are raptured….

I mean yeah their possesion like clothing will stay behind on earth but will not also the bodies, the temporary menas of earthly humanly living, a bodily gift from God also be “left behind?” I tend to think that the human bodies would stay on earth dead, albiet no pain would occur in this rapturing death but i don’t think that human bodies would go to Heaven, where our souls will go and get new bodies….but I am just hinking out loud…
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Anyone else have any thoughts?

Yeah I know it is a little morbid and leads to more questions but something interesting to think about. (LOL)

Finally I saw this shirt….Are you serious?
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