Where does reason come from?

Reason relies on faith. Reason requires faith. “Reason Alone!” A defense of reason by reason is circular argument and worthless.

When it comes down to it reason came from one of two places:

A. Preexisting intelligence by faith

B. mindless matter by faith

Why by faith?

Materialism as we have seen cannot contradicts all scientific observation. You cannot give what you haven’t got. Yet Darwinists believe that dead, unintelligent matter has produced intelligent life.

It makes much more sense to believe that human minds were created by The Great Mind- God. Materialism is not sufficient. Cannot explain reason. Materialism is not reasonable.

False theories and academic freedom

If professors do not have the right to study intelligent design, how will the general public ever legitimately study Intelligent Design (ID)? Also how will we anyone illegitimately come up with “evidence?” If you believe that there isn’t any credible evidence why do you care if people study it or not?

The point is that I am angry about the close-mindedness and elite “big science” that does not even allow for study of ID. In all seriousness I am not an ID proponent. I do not believe in it at all. I am a Creationist. But I want to know what it is about. I want everyone to have the right and freedom in America to study ID freely, just as they should have the right to study evolution or Creationism or whatever.

You might say that “there is no credible evidence for Intelligent Design.” Well that is fine, why though should people be kicked out of a job for mentioning ID? If the evidence is so bad why not encourage people to study it? What do you have to loose? Are you afraid that evidence will destroy your beloved “evolution argument!?” And if it does, so what? Why not allow people to follow where the evidence leads? Maybe it will lead to evolution, my point is let people study all angles and all sides of the debate!

I am ticked because there are plenty of false lies that Universities are teaching as facts, and people are free to learn about them! For example, theories in social sciences like psychology and sociology. Everyone learns about them and yet everyone studies them. They are even told how these theories are flawed and sometimes these theories are supported with evidence.

The point is both sides of the story are presented and professors and students are free to learn about them… but ID on the other hand is not allowed. My heart is crying out about academic freedom! Please do not be so close-minded and say that because there is no credible evidence that no one should be allowed to learn about it, because that is elitist and close-minded.

Theories that are not supported are the foundation to everything we have every studied. Our nation is build on learning and having the freedom to learn and study everything. Science in American history shows that experimenting and studying theories that might be false is the best way to learn what is true. I want to have the freedom to find out what is true. I want to study all aspects freely in America.

See evolutionnews.org

How is it that Evolution and Darwinism are just theories and the are not supported with hard evidence but no one is giving them a hard time?

Yet when people mention other unsupported theories say Intelligent Design, minds are closed, institutions lock the doors and theories are crushed..