Justice and God

Some atheists use the injustice argument for atheism…
They will say that God cannot exist because there is no justice in the world, or if he does exist then he is some kind of sick, evil being who is cruel and unjust…(hence why they chose to be atheist, mostly do to spite and not real logic.)
may I ask where then did this sense of justice come from?

Justice and Morality are not from feelings or expectations
There is no sense to the idea that we all as humans should expect to be treated fair, and others to treat us as we treat them, without this idea of morality having a starting point.

The starting pointing is God. He puts order in the world. He created us to have a sense of morality and justice.

I believe that Justice and morality come from God. Assuming that everyone else has this since of justice and morality… where did it come form?…it came from God!

Read list:

CS LEWIS -Mere Christianity

DALE FINCHER – Living With Questions

a world without diversions

I recently finished reading Living With Questions by Dale Fincher. It was a good read. Dale is an apologist and speaker to youth (high school aged). The book looks like a systematic theology book for Teenagers on the front cover because of the image (seen to the right.) But it reads like an apologist wrote it, as is the case. Dale eventually covers each of those questions, but not systematically, chapter-by-chapter. Instead he covers large chunks of questions and answers the questions with-in each chapter and uses a lot of real life stories and examples to help bring home the points.

I am forgetting where exactly Dale covers this but at one point early on, he talks about diversions in our life and in our faith and in our culture. Every one of us has diversions to reality. We use something to distract us from the pains and issues we do not like in real life. For example trends and music. People follow fashion trends and keep up with the latest clothing lines. People feel like they must have the latest look. They feel good when they do.
I want to imagine what would this life look life without diversions? What if we all knew we had a real purpose in life? How awesome would that be? We would not need distractions from the real thing. We would be living our dreams, our faith, and our lives with meaning and purpose. We would understand God’s love for our lives. We would live with purpose and meaning.